• A live reading of "Jonnie" on KTSW 89.9 Other Side Drive Every time I think back to that shadowy winter day, I squirm in my seat and make strange, guttural noises. You know, those involuntary sounds of regret - groans and grunts - that are typically accompanied by a face-palm and mumbling, "Why did I say/do that?" I said I'd never relive that day, that an entire army couldn't force me to listen to my own voice on the air. I said, if ever I'm faced with such terror, I'd resist the temptation to click play. Alas, such a feat in self-restraint is beyond my power. A recording of the Persona interview has surfaced and now wafts through the deepest corners of the internet like a ...
    Posted Mar 13, 2014, 2:15 PM by Tiffany Rainey
  • Neil Gaiman, get out of my head! Certain language-related themes seem to be calling out to me lately. I think on them even when I try not think on them. For the past couple of years, they've been popping up in my fiction, in critical essays, and in random conversations.I'm no space cowgirl, but I think I may have a mental link with Neil Gaiman. How else could he somehow manage to touch on all of these themes - escapism, child literacy, narrative empathy, and more - in a single lecture he recently gave for The Reading Agency? Mr. Gaiman makes my every point, only more pointedly. So, without further ado, go here and read this most important lecture. 
    Posted Oct 16, 2013, 6:52 PM by Tiffany Rainey
  • Paper Wings A fairy tale, by Kate Berheimer's definition, is flat of character, abstract, follows intuitive logic, and has an element of normalized magic. Having never before written anything that fit this definition, I took the fairy tale challenge in the wee hours one morning last winter. The following is a slight revision of that story. "There once was a young lady named Millie who lived all alone in a little house in a little town at the foot of a mountain. Like everyone else in the little town, Millie did the same things at the same time, every single day. Every morning, she braided her long black hair. She then slipped into her old boots and went out to feed ...
    Posted Sep 13, 2015, 8:53 AM by Tiffany Rainey
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